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I was so happy when this beautiful magazine Breakwater Review accepted my story “Dad Lost the Car” because I love writing about my family, especially my father. The legend in our family was—you guessed it—that Dad lost one of the family cars. And not just any one but his beloved Peugeot 403. In case you’re not familiar with it, that’s the model Peter Falk drove as the rumpled detective in the TV show “Columbo”—see above. (By the way, except for the California license plate, that’s pretty much the condition in which we kept our cars.)

I always kind of believed the story—because didn’t you believe everything that your parents told you? Until one day I asked my older sister if she thought that Dad really and truly actually lost the car and well, she had a thing or two to say, as older sisters often do.

See what you think. Here’s a link to the story, the latest episode in the long-running saga of my, um, unusual family, and if you like it, I’d be grateful if you’d share it on social media and with your friends. In the meantime, safe travels—in your car, on the subway, or however you like to get around!


Ann Levin Blog Post Dad Lost The Car Dad Looking Happy
This is a picture of Dad at the Western Days celebration in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania, circa sometime in the past when everyone was having fun.