Reading my essay “Lesbian Nation” for Read650 on the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall uprising about crushing out on Jill Johnston in college but ultimately failing at being a lesbian.

Reading my essay “Holidays Optional” for Read650 about why I always end up in Chinatown on major holidays.

Reading my essay “Helplessly Hoping” for Read650 about being blown away by Stephen Stills 50 years after everyone else in my high school.

Reading my essay “The Majesty of Nature” for Read650 about going to a meditation retreat with my super glam aunt.

Reading my essay “The Spring Tea” for Read650 about the hazards of being perennially underdressed.

Reading my essay “Kodachrome” for Read650 about my amazing younger sister, and the anxiety and despair of watching home movies.

Reading my essay “In Vino Veritas” for Read650 about various times I got drunk including the night I flushed a vial of Valium down the toilet.