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Hi Everyone,

Just a quick update to let you know how you can hear my Read650 essay during Carnegie Hall’s first-ever online festival, Voices of Hope.

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My story “Two Green Notebooks”—about the diaries I kept when I was being treated for cancer—will be featured on Monday, April 26, at 6:50 pm EDT.

You can hear all the true 5-minute stories of hope and recovery by subscribing free to the Read650 podcast or visiting the Read650.org website at 6:50 pm EDT through April 30. 

In case you’re not free at that time, you can listen to the Read650 podcasts anytime through one of these distribution platforms:

You can also buy the Voices of Hope anthology—or any of Read650’s more than two dozen story collections—by clicking the Shop tab on the Read650 website here.

Thanks, and stay safe!